Tent Site Rates

Please review our Policies & Rules prior to booking.

What does 'Daily Rate Range' mean?

Daily Rate Range means that a Guest's given daily rate (their price per night) is subject to fluctuate on each individual night of their stay based on our Park's availability.

The lowest rates are received by booking early/far in advance. On days where the Park sees less traffic, the daily rate will be lower (I.E on weekdays).

To find out what exactly your Daily Rate would be, please input your desired Date Range on our Campspot Online Booking Page.

This webpage here will only be able to tell you the approximate price range your Daily Rate could be.

The Holiday Rate is always a Flat Rate.

[No Hook-Ups] Tent Site

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Daily Rate Range

$43-$56 /per night

Flat Holiday Rate

$59 /per night