Transfer Your Reservation To Another Guest

Occasionally, a Guest may need to Transfer their Reservation To Another Guest.

How Does This Work

A Reservation Transfer will migrate all the details of a certain booked Reservation including:

  1. The Site Type Booked

  2. The Site Location Booked

  3. If It was Locked

  4. All Payments made towards that Reservation's Invoice

  5. The Reservation's Date Range

  6. Uses the same Confirmation Number

  7. Uses the exact same Rates which was received at the time of booking

  8. Uses the exact same Occupancy on the Reservation

  9. Uses the exact same RV Profile on the Reservation

  10. Uses the exact same discounts applied to the Reservation

  11. It retains all payments made towards that Reservation's invoice & gives it to the new recipient

What Are The Limitations

Once a Reservation has been Transferred once, it cannot be Transferred again.

Refunds are issued to the holder of the Reservation, not the person who paid its downpayment.

If someone were to Transfer a Reservation which they had made a 50% downpayment, then the person who it was Transferred to Cancels the Reservation, the Refund will be given to the Transferred Reciept, not the original downpayment payer.

Please fill out & submit the Form below to Transfer Your Reservation To Another Guest: