RV Site Monthly Stay

  • Reservations go for at a minimum of 28, 30, or 31-Nights depending on the number of days in the Check-In Date's month, to a maximum of 183-Nights.

  • A Monthly Stay is not the same thing as a Seasonal RV Site.

      • A Seasonal RV Site Guest will typically renew their Reservation year-after-year, visiting often during the Summer & Autumn time.

      • A Monthly Stay, on the other hand, is designed for those with a less 'permanent' relationship with the Park, & more so suited for full-time RVers just travelling through the area for work or vacation.

Expectations To Keep In Mind While Applying

In accordance with local laws, our park is prohibited from being a ‘permeant residence’ solution to Guests. Please do not apply looking to live full-time at our park.

Applications may take up to 10 business days to process. As such, this program is primarily offered to Guests who are planning far-ahead in terms of a semi-permeant living solution or a long-term vacation.

Please, do not submit any Extended Stays Application looking for an immediate accommodation, that will just not be able to happen. However, if you do find yourself in this scenario, we do recommend booking daily with us for the appropriate amount of time whilst your Application is processed. Guests should engage in this risky decision at their own discretion.

All Applications are subject to denial. Extend Stays are only granted on a managerial approved basis!

It is highly recommended that you read through the ENTIRE Information Sheet for the Extended Stay Reservation you are looking to book to prevent yourself from any potential confusion in our process.

RV Site Monthly Stay Information Sheet

Mill Bridge Village RV Site Monthly Stay Information Sheet

RV Site Monthly Stay Pricing Breakdown

  1. Monthly Rate (Prorated)

  2. $150 Security Deposit

    • This charge will be refunded back to the Guest on their reservation’s Check-Out date unless various miscellaneous events occur in which that is not possible. These events may include, but are also not limited to; Site Location damage, property damage, unpaid metered electric charges, or early Reservation Check-Out.

    • Those paying by the Monthly Invoice Payment Plan receive this charge on the First Month’s Invoice.

  3. Monthly Metered Electric Charges

    • Meters are read on 3 occasions, the first is the Check-In date, the second is the Check-Out date, & the third is the 28th of every month which the Reservation is staying through. The calculated Electricity Charges are added to Monthly Invoices. Payment for them is expected to be due on time.

  4. Potential Occupancy Surcharges

    • Occupancy Surcharges are gone over in the Information Sheet.

    • Those paying by the Monthly Invoice Payment Plan receive this charge on the First Month’s Invoice.

  5. Last Month’s Accommodation Rate upfront (MIPP ONLY)

    • Those paying by the Monthly Invoice Payment Plan receive this charge on the First Month’s Invoice. We take the Last Month’s Accommodation Rate Upfront on the First Month’s Invoice. For this reason, combined with the Security Deposit & the First Month’s Accommodation Rate, the First Month’s Invoice for those on the Monthly Invoice Payment Plan will be substantially larger than the rest.

2 Ways To Pay For Extended Stays

  1. Pay-In-Full

    • Pay for your Accommodation’s Rate in full upfront. If your Extended Stay Reservation is 63-183 nights in length, opting to Pay-In-Full gives a 5% discount on the Accommodation Rate. Paying-In-Full on an Extended Stay Reservation 28-62 nights in length does not give this discount. Monthly Metered Electric Charges STILL APPLY & WILL BE DUE & EXPECTED TO BE PAID. Please opt for the AutoPay function regardless if you expect to forget.

  2. Monthly Invoice Payment Plan (MIPP)

    • If your Extended Stay Reservation is 28-62 nights in length, the MIPP option is unavailable to you, your Reservation must be Paid-In-Full.

    • Pay for your Accommodation’s Rate using Monthly Invoice Billing. Your Invoices will be due Monthly on the day of your Check-In date (Ex: Check-In October 3rd, Monthly Invoices due November 3rd, December 3rd, etc…)

    • For Seasonal RV Site Reservations, this option is limited to only 4 Months. So, your Accommodation’s Rate will be front-loaded into the first 4 Months of your Reservation.

    • MIPP invokes the Last Month’s Accommodation Rate upfront (LMAR) on Non-Seasonal RV Site Extended Stays. We will take all of the rate from your Last Month’s Invoice (and potentially some from the Second to Last Month’s Invoice depending on how much we are able to take from the Last Month’s, if it’s not enough to cover a usual Monthly Rate (see Terms of Service), then we take some from the Second to Last Month to cover) and place into the First Month’s Invoice. This policy is to ensure Guests who are booking Extended Stays are actually staying for as long as they say. Our Extended Stays are not meant for persons in unstable job situations where they may be moved at a moment’s notice.

The Timeline of Events For The Whole Process Step-By-Step

  1. Read through the entire Information Sheet for RV Site Monthly Stays.

  2. Click the weblink at the bottom of this webpage to submit an Application as an RV Site Monthly Stay (it's the cyan one).

  3. Properly follow all specified directions & fill-out the Online Application for the RV Site Monthly Stay.

  4. Wait, for up to 10 business days, for the managerial processing of your submitted Application.

  5. Receive via the email address you provided on your submitted Application, the decision of your requested Extended Stay Reservation. Some Extended Stay Reservations may receive a successful Wait List addition instead of an immediate offer.

    • Receive denial of your Extended Stay Reservation with denial reasoning. Re-apply after addressing denial reasonings.

    • Or, receive an emailed RV Site Monthly Stay Offer for the Reservation you wished to book. If you have successfully received an Offer, you will have limited time to take action & follow the detailed directions in the email to confirm the booking by making your downpayment on your Reservation.

  6. Once you’ve submitted your downpayment you can now look forward to checking into your assigned Site Location on your Check-In date for your Extended Stay. Congratulations!

RV Site Monthly Stay Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone review my Application?

Submitted Applications may take up to 10 business days for processing. This is not a program designed to provide immediate accommodation for Guests. If you need an immediate place to stay, we recommend booking daily with us whilst your Application is processed. Use this at your own discretion.

What if I need to stay longer than what I got approved for on my Application?

If you need to make a Reservation edit to extend the length of your stay, please refer to our Terms of Service.

I received an email saying that I was denied. Can I apply again?

Yes, any denied Applicant can re-apply at any point in time. They just need to properly address their denial condition(s) on their next submitted Application.